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If you want further information about DCA, feel free to contact us free of charge on the links below.

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Via Mail
DCA - Das Immunvitamin
Dr. Köberle Str. 8a, 83125 Eggstätt, Germany

Via Phone and Fax

+49 - (0)8056 - Phone 90 39 37 - Fax 270 9834
Pleases leave a message with options how we can reach you. Because of the strong demand on information it can take some time, but we call you back as soon as possible.

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Give us your feedback

We welcome reports about your experience with the use of deoxycholic acid in practical therapy. If you have made treatment experiences, please send us your report. You can choose to stay totally anonymous to the public or sign your report to strengthen the league of people striving for a recognition of DCA in therapy.

Feedback form

You want to give us a feedback about your experiences in treatment of a special disease with DCA? Then use the feedback form to the right please.

The information will be uploaded as an Adobe Acrobat ¬ file (PDF) to your computer. Get Acrobat Reader¬ (Registered Trademark of Adobe corp.) to be able to read it.



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